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Booty free - Assassin's Creed Pirates goes free-to-play


Assassin's Creed Pirates is now free-to-plarrrrr... sorry [clears throat] free-to-play, after originally going on sale back in December 2013 for $5. The game retains in-app purchases, such as packs of coins you can buy and use to build up your artillery.

Pirates is a mobile take on the naval warfare that's colored recent Creeds, simplifying it for touchscreens with taps and swipes for firing, dodging and counterattacking against enemy ships. Players guide Captain Alonzo Batilla as he roams the Caribbean seas in search of legendary treasure and other crews to blow up (naturally).

The new free-to-play update brings with it an appendix chapter called "Cold Blood," taking Batilla to the icy waters of the Arctic. If you fancy plundering it, set sail for iTunes and Google Play.

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