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Developer Q&A: The important news as it happens


Blizzard's live Q&A happened this afternoon, and while most of the content covered was stuff we already knew about, there were a few items that were clarified and explained better. We've collected these items below in an easy to understand list.

Keep in mind that these Q&As are geared towards a wider audience than just those that read sites like WoW Insider or Wowhead; thus the questions and answers tend to be a little less than exciting for us. But still, this is all good info.

Big Items

  • Blizzard was working on WoD before MoP was released.
  • Blizzard has really strong ideas on what they want their next expansion to be.
  • They didn't do a good enough job at transitioning the team to the next expansion, but did a good job at getting MoP patches out.
  • The Blizzard Gear Store will soon have Murloc mugs (thanks to Lore for answering this).
Lore Items
  • Draenor is 35 years ago. This is confirmation of the timeline.
  • Vol'jin will have Shadow Hunters in WoD.
  • You'll be able to get outposts at level 100 in every WoD zone
  • Followers will be deactivated, not removed entirely.
  • You can reactivate up to one follower per-day.
  • Garrisons will remain per-character, but some buildings will be account wide.
  • Largest changes to professions in any expansion
  • Your two professions will get reduced cooldowns with the correct garrison buildings
  • You'll be able to create buildings for every profession in the game, they will not let you craft the absolute best items
  • No rep grind
  • No PvP requirement

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