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Unboxing Sony's white-hot PlayStation 4 'Destiny' bundle


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Remember this (glacier) white beauty Sony announced at E3? Well, after three long months of anticipation, it's finally here.

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The $450 PS4 Destiny bundle, which goes on sale tomorrow in time for the game's official launch, will net you a physical copy of Bungie's first person shooter/MMO hybrid, 500GB of hard disk storage, a 30-day trial to PlayStation Plus and, of course, that stark white next-gen console and DualShock 4. But we know how it is: you want to preview the goods before you plunk down the cash. And since we had one in-house here at Engadget, we took the liberty of tearing open the box to show you what's inside. So go ahead and click. You'll be glad you did.

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