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    Where To? updated with loads of new features

    Mel Martin

    Where To? (currently on sale for US$1.99) has always been one of my favorite points of interest (POI) apps. The older version I fell in love with has now been put to rest and a completely rewritten version has hit the App Store with many desirable features. While the old app still runs on iOS 8 beta, it won't continue to be supported as the new Where To? version 7 has taken its place.

    The graphics are updated and are very iOS 7-8 friendly. The app starts at a graphical wheel, where you select the type of destination you are looking for -- shopping, medical, food, leisure, etc. Within those broad categories are hundreds of sub-categories, like Greek food or electronic stores. You can also search by name. Enter "Ace Hardware", for example, and you'll see a list of the closest stores in that chain in distance order. Select your favorite, and you'll get an option to transfer that destination to Apple or Google Maps, and most third party navigation apps that Where To? finds on your iPhone. On my iPhone, the app recognized Google Earth, Navigon, and Waze in addition to the Maps apps.

    The app sources reviews, photos and menus where available. There are also some nice new features that directly send your destination to your car navigation system. Currently this works with BMW, Audi and Mercedes. An update is coming soon that will send driving directions to your Pebble Watch.

    As with the previous version, Where To? is simple to use. Enter a category or a specific destination, and a screen comes up with phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation. Click the navigate icon and you are on your way using your favorite turn-by-turn app. Where To? can also get addresses from your address book and direct you to them via whatever navigation app you choose.

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    I tried the app with BMW Connected Drive, selecting a destination and tapping the send to car feature. Within about 10 seconds the destination appeared and I could navigate directly with my on-board navigation system.

    Where To? 7.0 is a solid upgrade to an already popular app. Current owners and new buyers can get the app for $1.99 for a few days before it reverts to the usual $2.99.

    Where To? requires iOS 7 or later, works fine under iOS 8 and is optimized for the iPhone 5. Highly recommended.

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