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Smart yoga mat helps you perfect your poses


Yoga can be a great way to stay healthy, but it's hard to refine your technique at those times you can't see an instructor. SmartMat may have a solution for when you're stuck at home, though. Its self-titled smart yoga mat gives you feedback on poses by sending pressure data to an app on your Android or iOS device. On a basic level, it helps you perfect your poses by suggesting corrections to your alignment and balance; you can also teach yourself new moves through downloadable lessons, and there's a "Zen mode" if you'd prefer to enjoy the moment and get feedback later.

If you like the idea of a mat that doubles as a tutor, you can pledge $247 or higher to SmartMat's crowdfunding project to set aside a unit for yourself. Otherwise, you'll pay $447 to get the mat when it ships next summer. That's a long time to wait and a lot of money to spend, but this fitness gear might pay for itself if it lets you skip the occasional yoga class without feeling guilty.

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