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Picture this: the best of the Paris Auto Show


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The Paris Auto Show is the biggest in the world and the event for car makers' most madcap models and concepts. We saw Lamborghini's 910HP Asterion hybrid, the first supercar that can get groceries on battery power. Another crazy hybrid was Citroen's Cactus Airflow 2L, which stores braking energy as compressed air to get 115mpg. Finally, we took a look at two different connected car takes, with Honda going all-in on Android and Nokia showing off new Here Auto tech. But what about the rest of the show? Some of the wildest crossover designs we ever saw (like the Peugeot Quartz, above) were flaunted, along with plenty of interesting EV and hybrid tech -- and, of course, supercars. If you haven't already skipped over there, hit the gallery below for more.

Gallery: The best of the Paris Auto Show | 13 Photos

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