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Apple's App Store metrics suggest iOS 8 adoption rate has stalled


According to App Store distribution metrics provided by Apple, the adoption rate of iOS 8 by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users has stalled, climbing only 1 percent in the weeks since launch. iOS 8 adoption currently sits at 47 percent, up from 46 percent reported on September 21. In contrast, iOS 7 grew steadily, climbing to 58 percent in one week and reaching 74 percent in just a few months.

Though iOS 8 offers notable improvements such as notification widgets and third-party keyboards, iOS device owners may be choosing to pass on the update due to compatibility issues with their handset. iOS 8 dropped support for the iPhone 4 and reportedly performs sluggishly on the iPhone 4s. The large install files required for the iOS 8 update also may have thwarted owners who wanted to use iOS 8, but lacked the available space to proceed with the install.

Have you updated to iOS 8? Why or why not?

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