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Destiny expansion map discovered on Venus


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Destiny players have discovered a glitch in the game that seemingly warps them to a new map, one apparently planned as part of a DLC pack down the road. The portal to the new map is accessible on Venus, in "The Juncture" part of the planet's Citadel area. After leaping from tiny platform to tiny plaform, as demonstrated by YouTube user Nowise10, players step into a gravity lift that carries them to an area called The Terminus.

Nowise10 points out that The Terminus is a level 22 story in the House of Wolves expansion, descriptions of which were leaked late last month, then confirmed by Bungie. Three dead ghosts have already been uncovered in the Destiny map, as seen in Nowise10's video after the break. Activision kicked off its week-long Iron Banner PVP event today, for those that will want a break from exploring The Terminus.

[Image: Activision, Nowise10 (YouTube)]

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