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Smart deodorant applicator provides a high-tech way to keep B.O. at bay


Have you become so dependent on technology that you need gizmos to remind you about personal hygiene? If your answer's yes, then you may want to take a long hard look in the mirror at ClickStick: a high-tech deodorant dispenser for people who either keep forgetting to put some on... or for those who want extremely precise deodorant application. Like many smart devices out there, it connects to a smartphone app that's in charge of reminding you to wear deodorant everyday and of how much product the device should dispense (at the push of a button), depending on your activity level. The applicator itself is refillable and comes with LED lights (because the best deodorants can double as rave glow sticks, right?), though its Kickstarter campaign offers a limited edition chrome version for those with refined tastes. You can get an ordinary ClickStick if you pledge at least $26 and a chrome version for at least $40 as early as May 2015, provided its makers meet their rather hefty $55,000 crowdfunding goal.

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