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Instapaper for iOS gets improved text-to-speech, Evernote sharing, and more


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Instapaper has built a loyal following by being one of the best article grabbers available, with healthy options for free and premium users. Depending on your tolerance for robot voices Instapaper's text-to-speech feature can be a game changer in catching up on articles around the web when you don't have time to actually read them. That is, if you speak English. Previously the app could only do text-to-speech for English articles, but that oversight has been fixed in version 6.0.1.

With its latest update, Instapaper can detect the language of an article and speak the article in the proper language. You'll still have to deal with that odd little robot voice, but this is a solid step forward for the app.

Beyond that linguistic step forward, the updated app has received a number of other odds and ends to upgrade your experience. The important additions are the ability to share the full text of a document to Evernote as a note, and the addition of full-text copy and mail options in the Settings menu. The app has also been updated with other minor features.

  • Reintroduced native Pinboard sharing.
  • Fixed title detection when sharing to Pinner.
  • Fixed sharing from in-app browser.
  • Tilt scrolling tweaks.
  • Other minor changes and enhancements
You can find the updated version of Instapaper on the iTunes store here.

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