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Ello has notifications and the ability to mute that annoying 'friend,' too


The newest social network on the block, Ello, has a shiny trick up its sleeve. Next time you log in, you should see a change to how notifications are handled now. Instead of cluttering your Friends and Noise feeds with call-outs about invites, following and @ mentions, those have been moved to what Ello calls the notifications drawer. Any previous @ mentions have been removed from feeds and transferred there, with the outfit noting that if you received emails about those updates you should be fine. However, if you have emails turned off, those notifications "may" no longer exist. Speaking of email, there's a new settings page to check out that'll let you change what actions will spark a message.

And while the network is new, you may already have people in your feed espousing their political views or their slant on current events. If you find anything they say offensive, now you can mute or block 'em entirely, and further refinements to that feature are en route too.

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