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Philosophy, puzzles and Tetris in The Talos Principle next month


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First-person puzzler The Talos Principle is coming to Steam on December 11 for PC, Mac and Linux, with PS4 and Android versions scheduled for the first quarter of next year. You'll likely recognize Serious Sam makers Croteam as the developer, but compared to its previous fare the studio's latest effort is an altogether different beast.

Self-proclaimed as a "philosophical" game, The Talos Principle explores the greenery and stone of a ruined castle that's curiously interlocked with futuristic technology. So one minute you're strolling down an idyllic woodland path, the next you're moving laser projectors around a courtyard to get past a barrier of light. All the while, as Joystiq's Jessica Conditt put it in her Gamescom write-up, the narrative "approaches death, religion and other deeply introspective topics" as you seek to decipher the underlying mystery.

You can watch Jess taking The Talos Principle for a spin at Gamescom by exploring beyond the break. Point the video to the 3:21 mark to skip to the game, or just watch her dying aplenty in two of Devolver Digital's other upcoming offerings, Not a Hero and Titan Souls.

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You can get a taster of The Talos Principle right now by checking out the free Sigils of Elohim prelude mini-game, also on Steam as well as iTunes and Google Play. It focuses on one of the types of puzzles you'll see in the full game, tasking your proverbial suitcase-packing skills by getting you to fit Tetris shapes into grids.

As Jess notes in the vid, Tetris seemed to be a theme in what she played of The Talos Principle. Meanwhile, the game's Steam description says you also have to "divert drones, disable turrets and even replicate time to prove your worth - or find a way out."

Once Steam updates its page, Devolver Digital tells us, The Talos Principle will be available to pre-order with a 10 percent discount off its $40 price-tag, Pre-orders will also nab a free copy of Croteam's Serious Sam 3: BFE to boot.
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