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Nexon teases Hyper Universe with a trailer, will publish Tree of Savior

MJ Guthrie

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Although Nexon's big showcase for the year, G-Star 2014, doesn't start until next week, there's already some information coming out thanks to a press day, and MMO Culture nabbed a few bits of news. Nexon showed a teaser trailer for its upcoming Hyper Universe game. While information about the game is a bit scarce, the premise of heroes from multiple universes battling it out lends itself to a possible PvP brawler idea. You can get a glimpse of a few of the various characters in the trailer below.

Nexon will also be the Korean publisher for Tree of Savior; the company is taking over all marketing and business activities from this point on. Players can expect a new trailer of the game to be released next week during G-Star 2014, and the pace of development is said to be quickening to still meet its 2015 launch schedule.

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