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Shot Tracker's wearable basketball coach launches today


If you love nothing more than dunking slams and rolling fingers, then you may be wondering where the consumer-level basketball technology is. Sure, there's some high-falutin' coaching setups and a connected Nerf ball, but for everyone else? Step forward Shot Tracker, which is launching a wearable platform that'll turn your smartphone into the only coach you'll ever need. The system comprises a sensor that you clip to the net and a wristband or compression sleeve that monitors your shooting motion. Disregarding other movements like dribbling, passing and pirouetting, the gear can identify errors in your game and show you how to fix 'em. If you're interested in tracking your stats, goals, workouts and getting the whole coaching experience, then you can grab Shot Tracker for $149.99 from right now - although we don't know if your Android or iOS device will give you a hug if you miss that lay up in the 2nd.

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