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Mindlessly cook baller sea bass with a $200 smart frying pan


Are your mornings often ruined by the acrid smell of a blackened ham and cheese omelet? Do you long to sink your teeth into a succulent pan-seared ribeye, but aren't really sure what "pan-seared" even means? If you're thinking "heck yes," Pantelligent wants to educate you in the culinary arts with its smart frying pan.

How so? All you have to do is pair the Bluetooth LE-powered pan with your iOS device and its cookbook-style app provides step-by-step instructions on masterfully preparing almost anything you'd slap on a griddle. Chilean sea bass? Scallion pancakes? No problem. The app offers real-time heat and ingredient information about your meal-in-progress -- you'll even get a notification when it's flipping time. So, if you skipped your fair share of Home Ec classes back in the day -- or simply suck at cooking -- you can back the smart fryer on Kickstarter today for $200, which, for reference, is about the same price as one of Rachael Ray's adorably colorful 14-piece sets. But those pots and pans won't teach you to be a chef, will they?

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