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AirParrot 2 launches: introduces Chromecast support and Bluetooth discovery


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AirParrot enables you to stream your OS X desktop to AirPlay destinations like Apple TV. If that functionality sounds a bit familiar, it might be because Apple added desktop mirroring to OS X a while after AirParrot first debuted. AirParrot managed to survive that "sherlocking" by providing a feature set that included app- and window-specific control, letting you fine tune exactly what material was streamed.

Now entering its 2.0 launch, AirParrot introduces numerous new features including an upgraded UI, Chromecast support and Bluetooth discovery. The new version also provides audio-only streaming, supporting AirPort express destinations and a limited collection of home theater systems.

AirParrot 2 is now available, at $14.99 for one license, $62.99 for 5. Existing users can upgrade for the first week of sales for 1/3rd off (check your registered email for a coupon code), about $9.99 a copy or so. To learn more about the upgrade, visit the Squirrels product page.

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