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Canadian middle-schoolers rank pretty high for computer literacy


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In addition to making excellent poutine and maple syrup, our friendly neighbors to the north are also pretty adept at prepping students for the future we live in too. The International Computer Literacy Study recently looked at 60,000 eighth graders from Ontario and assessed their proficiencies at copying and saving a document in addition to modifying info and using a handful of applications simultaneously. The CBC says this is the first international test of its kind, and that the Canucks scored 547 out of 600 in computer literacy -- much higher than the average score of 500. What's more, it's in a "statistical tie" with Australia and the Czech Republic for the top spot. If the CEO of the Education Quality and Accountability Office is to be believed, this is a direct result of Ontario's investments in putting technology in the classroom. Maybe SimCity can move into the Great White North's classroom and train up the next set of civil engineers, too.

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