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Exiled Tinder co-founder comes back with another dating app


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Earlier this year, Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe left the company after launching a sexual harassment lawsuit against her colleagues. One of the allegations leveled was that co-founder Justin Mateen stripped her of her credit because her age and gender would harm the company's brand. It looks as if Wolfe may be about to get her revenge outside of the courtroom as well, since TechCrunch is reporting that she's teamed up with Tinder alumni Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick to create a similarly swipe-based casual sex dating app called, er, Bumble.

According to the mysterious outfit's Facebook page, Bumble is a social discovery app with none of the things that you don't want. In fact, the company's description is a series of not-so-subtle digs at Tinder, saying that Bumble isn't full of "creepy guys and cheesy pick up lines," promotes a "safe and respectful community" and matches people based on "relevant signals than other, more shallow apps." It's slated to arrive at some point soon, hopefully after someone has pointed out that mental images of the yellow Transformer, stinging insects or a retired British cricketer aren't necessarily what get us in the mood for swiping.

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