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North Korea denies hacking Sony Pictures, but likes that someone did


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If you suspect that North Korea hacked Sony Pictures' network, you're not going to get confirmation any time soon. State news outlet KCNA is now denying any North Korean role in the breach, and calls the allegation a "wild rumor." With that said, the nation is more than happy to see the movie studio suffer after daring to poke fun at Kim Jong Un in The Interview. KCNA suggests that the hack could be a "righteous deed," and that the perpetrators (Guardians of Peace) may be "supporters and sympathizers" of the North's cause.

It's difficult to know how true the claim might be. This is blustery government propaganda, after all. Also, the early investigation suggested that the hackers might be Chinese operatives acting on North Korea's behalf; if true, the North could truthfully deny direct involvement while still orchestrating attacks behind the scenes. About the only hard details we know so far are that the attack originated from a WiFi network in a Bangkok hotel. We'll only know the full story if Sony can publicly identify the culprits, and that might not happen any time soon.

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