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Upcoming changes to garrison outposts


If you've regretted any of your garrison outpost decisions, it's now going to sting just a little bit less. Instead of costing 10,000 gold to switch outposts, it will soon be reduced to 5,000 gold. The exception is Nagrand where it will only cost 500 gold to switch between the siege tank and mounted combat. Blizzard is also going to allow you to recruit followers from the other outpost (previously this was not possible, even if you switched). These changes won't happen until the next maintenance. Looks like I have yet another reason to get a level 3 Barracks.

We're planning to make some changes to the Garrison Zone Outposts, to reduce the costs necessary to change out the building you initially chose while questing through the zone, and also allow you to earn the unique follower associated with alternate building choices. Specifically, these changes will be:
  • The cost to change your Garrison Outpost building in Gorgrond, Talador, and Spires of Arak reduced to 5,000 gold
  • The cost to change your Garrison Outpost building in Nagrand reduced to 500 gold
  • Changing your Garrison Outpost building in a zone will also grant access to the building-specific questline for that zone, including the building-specific follower
Note that you will still be unable to change your Garrison Outpost building until you've reached level 100 and earned your current building's zone achievement, at which point the building can be changed by speaking with the outpost's foreman NPC (who varies from building to building).

These changes are currently not planned to go live until the next maintenance period for each region, but we wanted to give as much advance notice as possible that they're on their way.

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