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Apple online store now accepting payment via PayPal


Ahead of the busy holiday shopping season, Apple has made shopping from its online store that much easier. According to a report from Re/Code, Apple's online store for U.S. and U.K. based customers now accepts payment via PayPal.

As you can tell from the screenshot below, Apple is also touting the ability for users to make payments via PayPal Credit, a service which enables users to pay for items that cost over US$250 in either 6, 12, or 18 month installments. Even better, the installments carry no interest.

It's refreshing, not to mention smart, to see Apple giving users even more payment options, especially since Apple and PayPal have been slightly at odds ever since Apple unveiled Apple Pay this past September. Shortly thereafter, PayPal released an ad in the New York Times taking a not so subtle jab at Apple's mobile payment service by referencing the celebrity iCloud hack that made waves this past Summer.

It's also been rumored that PayPal wasn't included as an Apple Pay partner due to PayPal's decision to partner up with Samsung for mobile payments on the Galaxy S5.

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