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FlowVella: The presentation app formerly known as Flowboard


What's the difference between Flowboard and Flipboard? If you're the creators of Flowboard - a presentation creation app -apparently the app name isn't different enough from Flipboard, the story aggregation app. A trademark court found Flowboard to be just a wee bit too close to the name of Flipboard, so the former is now being rebranded as FlowVella. Let's hope they don't get into a trademark dispute with the makers of Nutella...

There's more news from the FlowVella front as part of the rebranding. The company is launching an App Builder for packaging your Flows as iPad apps - that will cost you as little as US$99/month per app.

The apps are also getting new pricing to go along with the new name. The iPad version of FlowVella is now available for free, while the Mac version - formerly available for $19.99 - is now only $4.99. Should FlowVella become your presentation go-to tool, there are optional premium subscriptions available.

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