Caturday: Leo and Lily, an iPad and a Retina MacBook Pro, and what used to be a stylus

Lily hugging a MacBook Pro with Retina display

We're starting off a year of 2015 Caturdays with a roar, or at least a loud meow or purr. These amazing cats are Leo and Lily, the furry friends of TUAW reader Cindy Lauman. That's Lily above, enjoying the warmth and companionship of a MacBook Pro with Retina display. Leo, seen below, seems to prefer laying his head on the purple Speck shell-covered MacBook when snoozing.

Leo uses the MacBook Pro as a pillow while napping

Did you know that the Adonit Jot Script - Evernote Edition stylus makes a great cat toy? Leo thinks so.

Leo also gets into those great iPad apps from Friskies. As Cindy notes, "We needed to distract him from trying to play with my 8-year old daughter's Barbie dolls- he likes to chew on tulle fabric and kept stealing away with a doll in his mouth when she would turn her back. This solution made them both happy (for awhile.)"

We'd love to see photos of your favorite feline soaking up the warmth of an Apple product, chasing a Magic Mouse, or just being a general nuisance while you're attempting to work on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Please let us know via our feedback page and please remember that your cat photo has to have some sort of connection to Apple or its products. For security reasons we can't accept inbound attachments, so you should host the photo (Dropbox, Flickr, iPhoto Journals, etc.) and send us the link.

Many thanks and a Happy New Year to Cindy Lauman, Leo and Lily!