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Parrot's latest plant sensors can also do the watering for you

Following last year's Flower Power plant sensor, Parrot's decided to take it to the next level with two new Bluetooth Smart devices: the H2O and the Pot (pictured above). Starting off with the smaller device, the H2O is essentially a direct successor to the Flower Power, but featuring more accurate monitoring (of soil moisture level, soil fertility, temperature and brightness) and the new watering capability. The latter part is done so by attaching a screw-top water bottle of up to two liters, which will provide up to three weeks of autonomous irrigation with a soft jet. With the existing database of over 8,000 plants, the device can determine the optimal amount of water needed for your plant, and the companion app will remind you if more water or fertilizer is needed.

The Parrot Pot is even more impressive. As you can tell from the name, this is basically the H2O in the form of a two-liter ceramic pot, and it even has its own two-liter reservoir hidden within, so no water bottle is needed. Unlike the H2O, though, the Pot has four waterspouts and can switch to a conservation mode when there's little water remaining. In case you're worried about water being trapped inside the soil, the pot has two outlets at the bottom for excess water to flow out.

As with Parrot announcements in previous CESes, the company isn't ready to share prices and dates for the H2O and the Pot just yet, but it's safe to assume that the former will likely stay around the Flower Power's $60 price range.