Garmin's stylish new fitness tracker is one you might actually want to wear


And you thought Garmin was done announcing wearables for the day. Well! You thought wrong, didn't you, Engadget readers! In addition to all those high-end sports watches the company unveiled just an hour ago, it's also showing off a lower-end wristband called the Vivofit 2. It's -- yep, you guessed it -- the follow-up to Garmin's original Vivofit fitness tracker. Actually, if we're honest, calling it a follow-up seems like generous wording on our part: It's nearly identical to last year's model, what with its rectangular OLED display, water-resistant design and colorful silicone bands. A big update this is not.

That doesn't mean Garmin didn't make any changes: There's now a quarter-turn clasp, an option for audible "move" alerts and a new stopwatch function. Otherwise, it does exactly the same thing it always has: track distance, calories and step count. Really, the most compelling news is that Garmin will offer those interchangeable bands in more colors and patterns, some of them from designer Jonathan Adler. In addition, the company will have some higher-end options made from materials like stainless steel and leather, with a mix of watch-link and more feminine bracelet styles. And you know what? They actually look like something we'd wear. (See the above photo for evidence.)


As a bonus, too, they're just as water-resistant as the standard band, even if they do look like the sorts of timepieces you need to handle with kid gloves. Also nice: These fancy, schmancy "Signature Series" editions will also be compatible with last year's Vivofit, so you can still get that luxury-watch look without having to chuck your year-old fitness band into the trash bin. The new Vivofit will sell for $130 (or $170 with a heart rate monitor), the same as what the original cost when it first came out. As for the optional bands, prices will vary depending on the style and material, but most should start around $30 $50, a company spokesperson told us. Lastly, because there's a new model out now, the OG version will drop to $100 -- not a bad deal, if you don't mind rocking last year's gear.