New 3Doodler 3D printer pen gets slimmer and prettier

Remember the 3Doodler? A pen that lets you draw in the air with plastic -- basically a hand-held 3D printer. Well, the fine folks at WobbleWorks are back with an all-new 3D Doodler that's improved in just about every way possible. Most notably, this thing is tiny. It's just a quarter of the size of the first-gen device. Really, it's not much bigger than a large permanent marker at this point. And it's not much heavier either: At 50g (1.77 ounces) it's just half the weight of the original. But the improvements don't stop there. This pen is also quieter and uses less power. The latter part is especially important since the company is also debuting the JetPack (along with other accessories), a portable battery that lets you doodle with PLA or ABS plastic for between two and three hours while you're on the go. The new, aluminum-clad pen adds a double click for continuous flow (so you don't have to just hold the button down the whole time) and has two speed options depending on what you're drawing.

As a thank you to its supporters, and a nod to its roots, the 3Doodler 2.0 will make its debut on Kickstarter. But, it will be a very short 20-day campaign with quick shipping estimates. The first 100 devices will go for just $50 and will be shipped within a month. Everyone else will get theirs in April. But, even if you miss the first hundred units, you can snag one for just $85 so long as you order on the first day of the campaign. After that, the price will go up to $99.