NVIDIA's car of the future drives itself, has a gorgeous digital dashboard

In-dash navigation and instrument clusters don't need to be pretty, but when they are, it's a bonus. Case in point: NVIDIA's new Drive CX platform. The digital dashboards look pretty snazzy thanks to the company's graphics heritage, with the surfaces for the gauges following the properties of the materials they're simulating. Meaning, not only do the bamboo or carbon fiber skins look like a version of the real McCoy from head-on, but they also reflect light and color in ways that the actual material would in the real world, too. NVIDIA says this is all possible thanks to the newly unveiled Tegra X1 processor.

And if autonomous car tech is your bag, here comes some good news: NVIDIA has a chipset tailored for that. The company sees current enablers (sensors and radar around the car) being replaced by cameras in the future and Drive PX is the key to that. Drive PX sports 2.3 teraflops of power in vehicles, thanks to dual Tegra X1s, and can connect 12 cameras recording dual 4K 30FPS feeds. What's that mean? Higher-resolution footage (of course) that makes it easier for the system's brain to discern a pedestrian from a minivan from a bicyclist on the road. The company's also touting a "neural network" that enables the system to separate and identify cars based on make, too.

[Image credit: NVIDIA]