Rumor Roundup: 'Should not be treated as hard evidence'

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Chris Rawson
January 5th, 2015
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Rumor Roundup: 'Should not be treated as hard evidence'

Even more evidence that the 'iPhone 6s mini' is coming this year (BGR)

Source: Some analyst

Chance it's true: 30 percent at best

BGR plays fast and loose with the definition of the word "evidence" by citing analyst projections and guesswork over the supposed "iPhone 6s mini." It bears mentioning that so far the only "evidence" for this device's existence is balls-tripping screeds from other analysts. Therefore, it appears that the echo chamber effect is fully in play. One wonders if BGR staffers are also gullible enough to believe an army is attacking them if one man shouts into a nearby canyon.

While we're on the subject, let's check out the definition of evidence: "The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid." So far we have neither facts nor information on this subject. Analysts throwing darts against a big wall full o' rumors is not the same thing as facts or information. It is, in fact, the antithesis of these things.

Releasing an iPhone 6s mini is a huge no-brainer for Apple (BGR)

Source: Reading way too much into things

Chance it's true: None

If anyone is qualified to pontificate about a "no-brainer" where Apple's concerned it's the folks at BGR. (Zing.)

From the article: "Even though there's nothing confirmed about Apple's 2015 iPhone 6s plans"

It is January. Of course there's nothing "confirmed" about the next iPhone.

"it makes plenty of sense to see Apple announce a brand-new 4-inch iPhone this year for people who prefer one-handed smartphone operation above all else."

Yes, to address that huge segment of the market that absolutely refuses to buy the larger-screened iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Neither device has sold well in BGR's alternate universe, because reasons.

"The iPhone 5s has a fingerprint sensor, but lacks NFC connectivity." Which, of course, Apple is completely incapable of adding to any device based on the iPhone 5s chipset. Just not gonna happen. No chance an iPhone 5cs (or equivalent) could have NFC. (/sarcasm)

"While analysts believe a 4-inch iPhone 6s mini would be much cheaper than the iPhone 6 models, that's probably not going to happen, as Apple has proven more than once that it doesn't want to chase market share that way." Holy cannoli, did someone at BGR seriously write that sentence? The same BGR that spent all of 2013 insisting the iPhone 5c would be a "cheap" iPhone? The same BGR that spent all of 2014 insisting the iPhone 5c was a "failure flop" after it didn't live up to their asinine expectations?

Are you seriously telling me that BGR has finally learned its lesson on this subject?

"And I heard as it were the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying, 'Come and see.' And I saw. And behold: a white horse."

Apple's unreleased iBeacon hardware exposed in user manual published by FCC (9to5 Mac)

Source: Publicly available documentation

Chance it's true: 100 percent

This is an interesting glimpse of a road not (yet) taken with first-party iBeacon hardware. With so many potential uses for a device like this, it's curious that Apple hasn't released this to the public.

iPad with stereo speakers pictured in alleged manufacturing render, claimed to be larger iPad prototype (9to5 Mac)

Source: Schematic leak

Chance it's true: 50/50

From the article: "It looks like it is the season of sketchy schematics and component leaks again." Ha, you say that as though that season ever ends. This season has a name, and it is "the whole freaking year except the two months immediately following Apple's end-of-year product launches." Let's call it the Season of Dung for short.

"The picture looks like the side of an iPad Air, presumably larger (the image doesn't give any indication of relative scale)." So obviously this means it's a render of a bigger iPad. I mean, there's absolutely no evidence for that, which all the evidence we need! All done, publish it! *9to5 Mac editor chugs entire bottle of gin*

"Obviously, the reliability of this image is very questionable and should not be treated as hard evidence." If it's really that obvious, why did you run this story?

"At this point, it does seem that a larger iPad is on its way [...] KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the larger iPad is to be expected in the second quarter."

I know this will come as a shock, but Ming-Chi Kuo is not the CEO of Apple. (BREAKING) The guy's accuracy record is a mere 40 percent, and that's after being generous. Kuo has struck out on rumors many, many times, but all you rumormongers remember is his Top 10 hits compilation album, so you go on citing him as though he's the Almighty Shaman of analysts.

If Ming-Chi Kuo said an Apple HDTV was coming out this year, you guys would be all over that mess. Just like you were for several years in a row when Gene Munster said the same thing. How did that work out again?

Note to investors: nothing an analyst says about Apple should be treated as hard evidence. Any analyst, ever.

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