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Samsung plans to have nine curved monitors by the end of the year

We get it: Samsung has a thing for curved screens. Need proof? Have a gander at its curved smartphones, its curved monitor, its curved all-in-one, its curved soundbar or one of its curved TVs. The point is, Sammy is trying to make "fetch" curved happen, whether you want it or not. Not to be deterred by a snarky Engadget editor, Samsung just announced another curved monitor -- and the company says more models are on the way.

The monitor (called the SE790C) has a 34-inch, 3,440 x 1,440 panel and a 21:9 aspect ratio. Since the whole point of owning a display this wide is that you can view more things at once, possibly sparing yourself from having to buy multiple monitors, Samsung included a few features that help you make use of that screen real estate. This includes the same picture-in-picture mode offered on other Samsung monitors, as well as picture-by-picture mode for arranging windows side by side. Additionally, the monitor has four USB ports around back, allowing it to double as a de facto docking station. The SE790C is available today and it has a price to match: $1,200 ($1,300 on Amazon, as of this writing). For now, it's clearly the flagship in Samsung's monitor lineup, but that could soon change -- the company says it plans to have around nine curved monitors on the market by the end of this year. Again, you will have curved things, and you will like them.