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The Queue: Garrisons forever

The Queue: Garrisons forever
Alex Ziebart
Alex Ziebart|January 5, 2015 11:00 AM
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

At this point, I think it's fair to say the holiday season has concluded. No, you may not extend it to Valentine's Day. Hopefully we'll see some Warcraft news on the horizon soon. Patch 6.1, anyone?

gazaa07 asked:

if you could create a new building to be used for your Garrison (can be anything), what would you build?

I think it would be fun to have buildings based around secondary professions that provide daily quests. Say, you're limited to building one or two of them, and each day you get a related task. For First Aid, you'd gather materials to produce medicine to counteract illnesses, diseases, or poisons/venoms native to Draenor. For Cooking, you'd help your army's chefs get the materials required to make your army a decent meal instead of bland, military slop. I have no idea what Archaeology would be, but hopefully nothing like the goblin Preservation Society because they make me sad.

Brian8 asked:

Does anyone know if the Halaani token garrison quest appears more than once per character?

You can get it multiple times, yes. My alt has received it twice. However, my main hasn't seen it at all yet, so getting it once is lucky -- getting it more than once is super lucky.

gazaa07 asked:

Don't you think we should be able to create the xmog armour tokens from all the iron horde scraps we collect? For those that are despised by the RNG Gods

Yes, please! I was running dungeons like crazy in the opening weeks of the expansion (as my 45-minute DPS queue would allow) until I ran out of loot I needed -- I stopped altogether when LFR opened. I had my gear, I finished my quests from the inn, and so forth. At that point I looked up where to get those items for transmog as I hadn't seen any yet and discovered they came from those exact dungeons I'd been grinding. So I feel like I've finished running dungeons, at least until I get bored of other things and they seem like they'd be fun again, and I didn't manage to get any transmog drops at all. I don't know if they're exceedingly rare or if I just had horrible luck, but I've resigned myself to not finishing those transmog sets at all.

Which is fine, because I don't particularly like any of them for my Alliance characters. They're all distinctly orc-y. Other than the Stormwind Guard set, of course. I'd love to see some draenei-themed gear added in.

RikOsborne asked:

My paladin has an Alchemy Lab and an Enchanter's Study (her professions), plus a Forge in the third small slot. But I'd really like her to have a Salvage Yard (Hut?). Should I keep the Forge just long enough to make & equip three crafted pieces, and then replace it with a Salvage Yard (Hut?)? Would doing so make my paladin miss out on future, higher-level crafted gear?

How do you feel about running LFR? If you don't mind doing it, I say don't feel bad about just dumping the Forge. This first tier of LFR is quick and easy, and if you have decent loot luck, you'll replace everything you can make with the Forge with items that are slightly better. You can't make the armor upgrades unless you actually have that profession. My paladin did the same thing -- had the Forge without having Blacksmithing -- and I discovered I replaced everything I made and the Forge was no longer useful.

If you're not a fan of raiding/LFR (and it's fine if you're not), then make your three items and then trash the Forge. Again, if you don't actually have Blacksmithing, you can't make anything above ilevel 640. Even if they do add higher ilevel recipes later, I still think the Salvage Yard is worth it. In my opinion, it's the best garrison building in the game by far. It gives follower equipment, transmog gear, crafting materials, the very rare raid-quality epic, and plenty of stuff to vendor for a decent secondary income. It even makes all of your garrison missions more valuable. For example, you have a level 100 garrison mission to get an ilevel 630 pair of pants -- but you don't need ilevel 630 pants. Why would you run that? (You have the Enchanter's Hut so you could disenchant it for dust, but let's play pretend and you don't.) You run it because you'll get a Salvage Crate at the end. With the Salvage Yard, every mission has value.

It's great for everyone.

@Wiflath asked:

What follower would you want most from the lore?

I'm a weirdo and think garrison followers should be set up and introduced as followers. Recruiting people specifically for that task is pretty awesome. Making random powerful lore figures my follower is pretty weird, though. If you're sending them off on missions, you're not really interacting with them, are you? They aren't doing anything meaningful.

In that sense, I'd like to think thematically and go with, for example, an agent of SI:7. One of them becoming a member of your personal forces makes sense. Going off and performing missions is their job. Now they're doing it for you. That would be way cooler to me than getting someone like Khadgar as a follower.
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The Queue: Garrisons forever