I got a makeover in a web browser

Outside of my wristwatch, I don't wear jewelry (makeup either), but thanks to FaceCake I was able to give myself a total makeover within Chrome. First off, yes the company's name is more than a bit ridiculous. But its tech is pretty neat! Without downloading anything -- no plug-ins, add-ons or extensions are necessary -- you can try on earrings and complement pieces simply using a webcam and "any" browser. Notice the stunning necklace and earrings on the handsome chap up above? They move with you, and if you want to share how they look to your social platform of choice, that's totally possible. The outfit hasn't announced any of its retail partners for virtual try-on just yet, but says that we should see those surfacing within two to three months. Hopefully those include places like Macy's, Gilt, JackThreads and maybe even Warby Parker. Until then you can watch me model some super-gaudy pieces in the GIF below.