Sennheiser's Momentum and Urbnanite headphones go wireless

Sennheiser introduced its Momentum cans back in 2012, and then tacked on an on-ear option about a year later. Both of those are quite capable headphones, but wireless is all the rage these days, so to keep pace with the competition, the company is cutting the cord. Here at CES 2015, Sennheiser is debuting wireless models for the over-ear and on-ear versions of the Momentum family. Both feature NFC pairing, Bluetooth connectivity with apt-X tech to handle "superior unaltered sound." What's more, the pair packs in NoiseGuard active noise cancellation to drown out the ambient clamor during 22 hours of playback before needing a charge. There's also version 2.0 of the wired varieties, and the entire series now features a folding design for easy storage. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but you can expect the two Momentum Wireless models to arrive in both black and ivory color options.

Meanwhile, there's Sennheiser's fairly recent Urbanite line, which also includes on-ear and over-ear models. Well, if you prefer that design over the Momentum series, you're in luck: The Urbanite XL is getting a wireless option, too. If you'll recall, XL is the over-ear version, and as you might expect, it also touts NFC and Bluetooth with apt-X. The difference, though, is that these new cans are said to last three hours longer for two full days of listening. The Urbanite XL Wireless also has a touch panel on the right earcup to control volume, skip tracks and send/receive calls. We saw similar touch-based controls on Samsung's Level Over headphones last summer, so we'll be curious so see how Sennheiser's gesture chops stack up. No word on pricing or on-sale details, but we'd guess around $300 to $350 range for the new over-ear models and $250 to $300 for the on-ear Momentum Wireless.