​What you've missed at CES so far

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Sean Buckley
January 6, 2015 7:30 AM
​What you've missed at CES so far

According to the CEA's official schedule, CES 2015 actually starts today -- but the onslaught of unfiltered news actually started two days ago. Before the Las Vegas Convention Center even opened its doors, Samsung and LG both held press conferences; Intel and NVIDIA outed new processors; and Lenovo put its latest laptop designs on display. What happened at CES before CES started? Read on, and we'll fill you in.

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  • LG curves another phone with the G Flex 2
  • Tegra X1 “mobile super chip”
  • NVIDIA Drive PX: a supercomputer for your car
  • Dish serves up streaming cable channels with Sling TV
  • The world's lightest 13-inch laptop
  • Use your feet to fly around a virtual world
  • A smart pacifier
  • Intel kicks off Broadwell with dual-core chips
  • Luxury in motion, conceptually
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Stack
  • UHD Alliance promises to save 4K from fragmentation
  • Google Cast goes beyond TV
  • Wirelessly charging phones from 20 feet away
  • A washing machine in a drawer
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​What you've missed at CES so far