BioShock lead designer joins Orcs Must Die! studio

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BioShock lead designer joins Orcs Must Die! studio
A recent blog post written by Robot Entertainment CEO Patrick Hudson reveals that Paul Hellquist has left Gearbox Software to join the Orcs Must Die! developer as its new lead designer. Hellquist then confirmed the news in a tweet a few hours later.

Along with his work as lead designer on Irrational Games' Randian undersea shooter BioShock, Hellquist later worked at Gearbox as lead designer on that studio's well-liked story-driven shooter, Borderlands 2. What Hellquist will be doing at Robot isn't yet clear, though Hudson's blog entry does say that he expects Hellquist "to have a profound impact on the games we make, starting with Orcs Must Die! Unchained."
[Image: Robot Entertainment]
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