Joystiq Streams: Who watches the Watch Dogs Wii U? You do!

We've been threatening to do it for almost two months. Everyone said we were just making empty threats. "Oh, Joystiq is all talk," they said, "what with their boasts about streaming odd ports of big budget duds on a peculiar Nintendo console! Why would they ever stream Watch Dogs on Wii U? Who would even watch such a thing?" Joystiq would watch such a thing. Come! Join us as we discover just how Ubisoft's hacker action game stacks up on the old GamePad.

We'll be streaming Watch Dogs for Wii U starting at 4:00PM EST on Our own Xav de Matos (@Xav) will be the canary in the proverbial coal mine. Mike Suszek (@mikesuszek) will provide much needed moral support and hang out in the chat. broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00PM EST. Sometimes we get squirrelly and stream stuff out of the blue, so if you want to catch us at those times make sure to follow us on Twitch.

[Images: Ubisoft, Nintendo]