Yes, socks that track your run are now a thing

It was only a matter of time, really, after smart shirts, smart watches and smart glasses, that someone would start thinking about socks. Sensoria had originally promised to ship its fitness-tracking socks at the start of last year, but only managed to get the fashionable wear out of the door just before the holidays. Which was all the excuse that we needed to stop by the company's booth at CES and see if you can really make a sock smart.

In essence, the technology is all in three pads that sit close to the soles of your feet -- they can work out your stride, cadence and speed as you run. Electronic connectors woven into the fabric run up to the bondage-style cuff at the top, which is the mounting point for the electronic sensor. The curved device looks like a Nike FuelBand after a night on the tiles, and will last for six straight hours on a single charge.

The companion app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and offers up audio coaching, a metronome and a special "shoe closet" feature that identifies and analyzes when it's time to replace your kicks. Now that the product has been shipping to its Indiegogo backers, the company is gearing up to sell Sensoria to consumers, with $199 getting you one cuff and one pair of socks, with an additional three pairs costing $59. Since you asked, the sensors inside the socks will degrade over time, with the company only guaranteeing them for 35 washes -- although they're likely to last a lot longer than that.