EA Sports to send prizes to cheated junior Lions fan

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EA Sports to send prizes to cheated junior Lions fan
On a scale from one to "wow, really?", where would you rank someone representing a football team who denies a copy of Madden 15 to a child for wearing the jersey of the opposing team? We ask because that's precisely what happened when the Dallas Cowboys took on the Detroit Lions last week. Amarillo radio station KISS FM 96.9 reports that prior to the football showdown, 10-year-old Roman participated in a game of musical chairs in hopes of snagging the grand prize: a copy of Madden 15 for PS4.

Roman won fair and square, but when it turned out he was wearing a Detroit Lions jersey, he was promptly denied his prize and made to re-do an (almost surely rigged) round, where he lost. This was on a stage in front of a crowd of gathered spectators, by the way. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, his consolation prize seals the deal: the first season of Batman: The Television Series (the Adam West version, to clarify) and a Led Zeppelin CD. Because what kid doesn't enjoy '60s camp while listening to "Immigrant Song"?

Roman's story has a happy ending, though. After learning of the incident, EA Sports tweeted the picture you see above. So Roman will now be receiving not only a copy of Madden 15 for PS4, but a console to play it on and a Lions mini-helmet signed by receiver Calvin Johnson.

So, to come back to our original question, what value would you assign the contest organizers?
[Image: EA Sports]
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