PS4 port of Ultra Street Fighter 4 will include Omega Mode

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PS4 port of Ultra Street Fighter 4 will include Omega Mode
Ultra Street Fighter 4 will land combos on the PS4 this spring sporting a full wardrobe of DLC costumes, but move sets will also be freshened up with the inclusion of Omega Mode, a play style that offers alternate normal and special attacks for the game's entire roster. A post to the PlayStation Blog confirmed plans to bring along Omega Mode for Capcom's super-ultra-probably-final version of USF4, and if you've yet to see an example of the related move-set changes, they're fairly substantial.

Omega Mode was added to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam versions of USF4 in December, as reported by Shoryuken. If you're not one to dig up the fairly-recent past, the future still holds fresh chances to hurl Hadoukens in the the PC and PS4–exclusive Street Fighter 5.
[Image: Capcom]
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