Google Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS: Remotely control your computers

Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS running on an iPhone 6 Plus

Today, Google released Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS, a free app for Apple mobile devices allowing remote control of any Mac or PC running the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

Like many other remote control apps, Chrome Remote Desktop can be used to either control your own Macs or PCs at home or work while your at another location, or to provide technical support to friends or relatives while you're on the road.

The universal app is quite speedy, as testing with both an iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 connecting to an iMac demonstrated. While I'm not as impressed with Chrome Remote Desktop's capabilities as compared to Parallels Access, the price -- free -- is certainly going to attract a lot of users. The image at the top of this post shows what Chrome Remote Desktop looks like on an iPhone 6 Plus, while the image below shows the layout when zoomed in on part of an iMac screen from an iPad Air 2:

Chrome Remote Desktop zoomed in on an iMac desktop from an iPad Air 2

If you're a user of Google's Chrome browser and install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on another machine, you can also control that machine from your Mac and PC from the browser and even provide troubleshooting while using Remote Desktop in Google Hangouts to chat with the remote user.