Patch 6.1 PTR realms are up

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Adam Koebel
January 12th, 2015
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Patch 6.1 PTR realms are up

The patch 6.1 PTR realms are now live, but without any level 100 characters there isn't much to test yet. All PTR realms are still locked to Mists of Pandaria and there is currently no ETA for when they'll be upgraded to Warlords of Draenor. Character copy is disabled, but you can make pre-made level 90 toons.

One of the few things available for testing is the new heirloom interface. Once you own a heirloom, it's a simple matter of clicking it in your heirloom tab to create a copy of the item in your bags. You can buy heirlooms and upgrade tokens from Estelle Gendry (Undercity) and Krom Stoutarm (Ironforge). Base level heirlooms scale from 1-60 and can be upgraded twice to level 85 and level 100. See here for a full list of the heirlooms available.

For more details on the status of the PTR realms, check the blue post after the break.
Hi folks,

Just wanted to share some early information regarding the 6.1 PTR.

Note: this information is subject to change as plans are implemented. I'll update this thread or make a new one as I receive more information.
  • PTR Accounts and realms are currently locked to Mists of Pandaria. Upgrading the PTR accounts to Warlords is a lengthy process so I don't have an exact ETA, but it's something we're actively working on.
  • In-game Character Copy is currently offline. The plan is still to use the in-game system as opposed to the old website version (which hasn't been functional since 5.4).
  • Characters were wiped after the 6.0.3 PTR realms were brought down last month, and cannot be retrieved at this time.

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