Spotify userbase grows to 60 million active users and 15 million subscribers

As the world awaits the impending (we hope) integration of Beats Music and iOS, Spotify continues to march along an upward trajectory. Earlier today, Spotify announced that its popular on-demand music service now has 15 million subscribers and 60 million active users. The last time Spotify publicly released subscriber information, it boasted of 12.5 million subscribers and 50 million active users.

What's more, and underscoring the impetus behind Apple's Beats acquisition, recall that revenue from Spotify in some markets is outpacing revenue from iTunes downloads. This past November, for instance, we highlighted how revenue generated from Spotify in Europe was 14% higher than revenue generated by iTunes Music sales in Europe.

As for when we might see Beats finally land on iOS, the Financial Times (which initially scooped Apple's Beats acquisition) relayed that Apple has plans to bundle Beats into iOS in early 2015, perhaps as soon as March.

On that note, one can only hope that Apple implements Beats as a standalone app on the iOS homescreen as opposed to burying it within the iOS "Music" app a'la iTunes Radio