Facebook at Work tackles office communication with familiar tools

We heard rumblings about Facebook's plans to tackle communication in the office back in November, and now the app is starting its rollout. Facebook at Work allows you to chat with colleagues with the social network's tools rather than email with either a website or dedicated mobile app. The apps haven't popped up in iTunes of Google Play just yet, but The Wall Street Journal reports that only a limited number of companies will be able to employ it at first. Those that do can expect a similar design to the regular Facebook experience, except there aren't any ads and Zuckerberg and Co. won't track and hold data from the project.

Supervisors will be able to create dedicated log-ins and employees can link them with personal accounts to get all their stuff in one place. Facebook at Work is still very much in the testing phase, which is another reason for a limited rollout. However, the handy Groups feature should help cure email lists now that the folks in Menlo Park are taking aim at the likes of Yammer, Slack and others. If you're wondering about subscription fees, there's no word on monthly or annual rates just yet.