Splice slices its way to PS3, PS4 on January 20

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Splice slices its way to PS3, PS4 on January 20
Splice, the gene-slicing game with a gorgeous piano soundtrack, is due out on PS3 and PS4 for $15 as a Cross-Buy game on January 20. PlayStation Plus members will get a 20 percent discount during its first two weeks on PSN. Splice comes from music-loving indie studio Cipher Prime and has players piecing together cellular strands in a moody, floaty environment.

"We've been working for months to bring you a truly amazing experience for Playstation," Cipher Prime Creative Director William Stallwood writes on the PlayStation Blog. "It's been a childhood dream of ours for such a long time to release a game on a console, and Splice will be our very first. We couldn't be more excited to share with you our award-winning puzzler."

To celebrate the console launch, Cipher Prime is offering the Splice original soundtrack, Flight of the Angels, for free this week. It's seven songs of haunting, emotive, original piano work; grab it on Bandcamp. Also, get the sheet music for Splice's songs in the links here, for $5.
[Image: Cipher Prime]

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