New Nintendo eShop releases: Get ready, it's 3D After Burner 2

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New Nintendo eShop releases: Get ready, it's 3D After Burner 2
Rrrrrrrr... Vroooooooooooom! Whooooooooom! Fire! Boom! Fire! Boom! Whooooooooooom! Thwoooooooosh! Fire! Boom! Beep beep beep! Be careful! Wooooooooooooooosh! BOOM!

Fine... we'll put down our arm-wings and stop running around the room, but only to tell you 3D After Burner 2 is out on the eShop today. The latest in Sega's 3D-enhanced Classics range includes 23 stages, new difficulty settings, visual additions like smoke transparency, and multiple arcade cabinet styles.

Also, there's a new "special mode" that's unlocked after you beat the game. In it, shooting down planes builds up a meter that, when full, lets you slow down time to avoid attacks and take down foes with ease. So it's a bit like the Climax Gauge in After Burner Climax, or Neo in The Matrix. Whichever you prefer.

Alright, that's too much time not playing Human After Burner. Don't worry, we've included the full list of new eShop releases below the break and you'll find all the new eSales here.

Get ready! Whoooooooooooooooooosh!
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