Shadowrun: Hong Kong soars through funding, stretch goals

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong soars through funding, stretch goals
Developer Harebrained Schemes has become the go-to case study for using Kickstarter as part of a sustainable business model, having received over $400,000 since putting up its page yesterday for Shadowrun: Hong Kong. The game pulled in its $100,000 funding goal within two hours, blowing through six different stretch goals for additional characters and missions since. There are still 33 days left in the funding period for the PC-only game.

Harebrained has been one of the stars of the Kickstarter funding movement, attracting over $1.8 million for its Shadowrun reboot a couple of years back and delivering a great game. Harebrained's games also tap into the core RPG market, one of the most successful genres for crowdfunding.
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