The Simpsons skin pack embiggens Minecraft

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The Simpsons skin pack embiggens Minecraft
Minecraft, for one, welcomes its new Microsoft overlords by offering The Simpsons content for Xboxen. The skin pack based on the immortal TV show arrives on Xbox One and 360 in late February, with an asking price of $2. Also, don't take our opening line too seriously; Microsoft says players should "stay tuned" for more about the DLC on other platforms.

The pack features the Simpsons family as pixelated above, along with 19 characters from Springfield Elementary. Here's hoping it includes Ralph and Super Nintendo Chalmers - yes, we just wanted to write "Super Nintendo Chalmers."

Of course, this isn't the first time Minecraft and The Simpsons have merged into one, uber-popular super-being. Check below the break to refresh your memory.
[Image: Microsoft]
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