Amplitude revival now estimated for summer arrival

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Amplitude revival now estimated for summer arrival
Amplitude's multi-instrument path to revival is a little longer than was initially anticipated, developer Harmonix has announced via Kickstarter update. The rhythm game's estimated arrival has been pushed from its initially-planned window of March, with Harmonix "currently targeting" a summer release.

Harmonix explained the delay is partially due to Amplitude being the team's first project on PS4, adding that extensive work is being put into Amplitude's proprietary engine. Unlike traditional development setups where content or quality could be sacrificed in order to meet a publisher's deadline however, Harmonix stated that Amplitude's success on Kickstarter has allowed the team to "create the game we want to make and, more importantly, make the game that you want."

Once Amplitude starts blasting notes on PS3 and PS4, fans will have a chance at jamming to original tracks from Freezepop, Anamanguchi and Super Meat Boy composer Danny Baranowsky, among others.
[Image: Harmonix]
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