Jak 2 level remade in CryEngine is here to pump you up

Rockstar's Bully isn't the only PS2 game being remade by fans in a new engine; YouTube user Floordan has posted his work on a project dubbed "Jak 2 Renegade: Reborn," which uses the CryEngine to recreate Naughty Dog's Jak 2. The level you see in the video above is a pumping station, though depending on the view, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a scenic newlywed retreat. Those sunbeams are already making us feel warm.

Naughty Dog themselves considered developing a new Jak & Daxter game years ago, but ultimately scrapped it and built The Last of Us instead. And we're not complaining about getting to roam the fungal countryside with Joel and Ellie, but did you see what a new Daxter would look like?

[Image: Floordan]