Joystiq Streams: Sex, lies, You Don't Know Jack, and free PS4/XB1 games

Something happens to people when they play anything made by Jackbox Games. You Don't Know Jack, Fibbage, Lie Swatter; these games bring out a cackling darkness that is both frightening and impossible to resist. Do friendships end because of the vicious yelling at the end of a round of You Don't Know Jack? Certainly, but just as many new alliances and unbreakable bonds are formed thanks to suppository jokes, deceit, and wordplay. If you've ever wanted to see the Joystiq staff destroy each other with language while also winning some free PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games, here's your chance.

Starting at 4:00PM EST on, we'll be streaming select games from the Jackbox Party Pack. A murder of Joystiq editors will play alongside Jackbox's own Steve Heinrich, one of the creators and head writers on You Don't Know Jack. We'll also be doling out download codes for the Jackbox Party Pack on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00PM EST, but we stream other times as well so make sure to follow us on Twitch.

[Images: Jackbox Games]