Steam Broadcasting grabs popcorn, exits beta

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Steam Broadcasting grabs popcorn, exits beta
Valve added Steam Broadcasting to its PC distribution platform in an update this week, taking its livestreaming solution for games out of beta. Those that update Steam can now change their settings to determine whether to enable broadcasting and limit it to their friends list. Providing the streaming service is enabled, gameplay video will automatically broadcast when players start their games. Valve announced the Twitch alternative in December.

According to Steam's support page, the service will only broadcast gameplay video by default, though players can opt to stream a video of other apps on their computers, allowing for broadcasts such as instructional videos. It also records the audio that plays through the default speakers on the broadcaster's computer, so those hoping to include audio from another source will have to find a work-around for the time being. Head to your Steam friends list and select "watch game" to check the broadcasting service out.
[Image: Valve]
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